Editorial feedback that packs heart and heat

Me? Word nerd, grammar geek, and extremely caffeinated. You? A badass indie writer that needs an editor.  

"Heart and heat" means I give feedback that's equal parts candor and encouragement; I'll give it to your straight, but I'll also be your biggest cheerleader. It's important for me to understand your vision for your book so that we can work together to steer your manuscript in the right direction. To get there, I'm all about open and consistent communication. I make myself reachable to you until you are sure you love your finished project.  

Sharing your story with the world is nerve-wracking, but you have a story inside of you that you need to tell, and you deserve to do so proudly. As an editor, I handle your commas, your awkward sentences, that one word you can never spell right—and everything else—so that when your novel's out in the world, the only thing you have to do is basking in your rave reviews.

Editing your writing is a huge responsibility, so I invest a lot of energy into the professional author-editor relationship. If you want to find out if we're a good fit, get in touch! I would be so honored to work with you.

I've edited nonfiction, both long-form and short-form fiction, digital content, academic papers, and more. Check out my testimonials to see what my previous clients have loved about working with me.


Editing Services

I have experience editing full-length fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, comic books, scholarship and admission essays, web content, and more.

I am deeply passionate about the representation of diverse voices in writing, so if this is you or your work—let’s chat.

Content that activates, connects, and inspires

I strive to understand your business’s mission and target audience so that I can create alluring, exciting copy that attracts your ideal client. My goal is to write copy that connects with your service or product to your audience’s interests and deepest desires.

Content Writing:
I can conduct thorough research into many different topics and adapt my writing’s style and tone to your individual needs. I excel at distilling complex concepts into simple language that is accessible to diverse audiences.

Social Media & Community Management:
One of my greatest strengths is creating genuine, powerful connections with others. I am able to engage with diverse people in a positive, empathic manner that puts them at ease and establishes trust immediately. I can help you turn strangers and lurkers into fans of your services and products.


People Have Described Me As…

Fierce, spunky, inspirational, energetic, authentic, and driven. “A fire cracker.” The Energizer Bunny. Want to learn more?


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