About Me


After immigrating here from China with my parents as a baby, I grew up immersed in the Chinese community of San Francisco, and then relocated to rainy, lush Seattle when I was about nine-years old. I consider myself native to the Pacific Northwest, but I have a special place in my heart for Portland and San Francisco, where I lived for short stints after graduating from the University of Washington in 2014 with my Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature. I received my Master’s degree in 2016 from Portland State University, where I studied Educational Leadership and Policy.

Currently, I reside in the greater Seattle area with my puppy and my husband. I spend most of my time practicing yoga, playing video games, drinking coffee, writing, and reading. I’m a huge fan of the romance genre, in addition to sci-fi, fantasy, and YA/NA lit, all with a healthy dose of intersectional feminism. I care deeply about many different social issues; I’m particularly passionate about awareness around anti-racist activism, diverse representation of people of color and minoritized populations in the media, women’s equality, mental health, and sexual assault prevention.