money date #4, 12/19/2018 (celebrating and hustling)

All in all, it hasn’t been a terrible week. I celebrated my birthday with some really lovely family members, ate delicious food, and relaxed; and it was great! Plus, I’m expecting to bring in a big chunk of revenue from my business this week, and at the beginning of January. Everything balances out at the end!

I thought I’d try something different this week and breakdown some of my expenses in detail!


Eating out: $105.47

  • Bi Bim Bap: 14.10

  • Snacks: $1.70

  • Take-out (Shwarma): $18.00

  • Chinese food: $11.09

  • Celebratory birthday cupcakes: $6.99

  • Birthday cake and pastries: $12.07

  • Boba: $12.06

  • Thai food: $12.59

  • Poke: $13.87

Coffee: $34.23 (I got two Starbucks gift cards for my birthday, so that helped immensely!)

Target: $67 (Groceries and misc. items)

Credit card payments: $783.84

Business strategy coaching: $484.00

Other expenses: $98 (UCSD enrollment fee for the copyediting program I’ll be starting in January!)

Additional income: $410 (Two editing jobs, one content writing job, one coaching call)