money date #2, 12/2/2018

Hi folks! Just a quick update for my first couple of days of December / last few days of November.


  • Rent: $734

  • Cell Phone: $100 (Went over my data plan and had to pay a extra $30.)

  • Groceries: $49 (Note: this was half the cost of my total; I split groceries 50/50 with Thomas.)

  • Gas: $23.48

  • Coffee: $23.58

  • Yoga (monthly membership): $99

  • Christmas shopping (budget: $400): $23

  • Eating out: $90.24 (This is abnormally high for one week! I need to keep the costs of eating out low for the rest of the month…)

  • Business branding assistance: $45

  • Unexpected costs: PS+ annual subscription renewal ($66)

Total expenses: $1208


  • One-time career coaching: $60

  • Upwork contract: $20 (Not paid out.)

Total income: $60

This week:

  • I am bringing lunch to work at least 4 out of 5 days of the week.

  • I am not going to spend any additional money on Starbucks during the week.

  • I am making and eating dinner at home at least 4 out of 5 days of the week.

  • I will continue focusing on gratitude for what I have.

  • I will continue looking for short-term gigs on Upwork; I am continuing to edit chapters for a studio I am working with, but it is a bi-monthly payout so I’m expecting a bigger paycheck in January.

  • I need to revisit and follow up with some potential clients for editing and coaching.