Money Date #6 (I didn't do too bad this week!)

Hello again, readers!

It is the beginning of a new year. What better time to resolve for better financial health than now?! One of my big goals for 2019 is to pay off all of my debt which, in my last blog, I disclosed is close to $9K right now. Totally doable!

Categorically, I don’t think I did too badly this week ESPECIALLY considering that we just wrapped up the “celebration” season, AKA Christmas and New Years and my birthday.

But first: let’s celebrate!


I GOT PAAAAAID WHOOOOOO! This isn’t anything unexpected, but I just love getting paid so I like to celebrate it.

Full-time job: $2000.00 (I get paid twice a month.)

Freelancing: $429.08 (With more to come this month!! Whoooooo!)

Misc. Income: $75 (House sitting and cat sitting! Yay!)


“Four Wall” costs - Total: $764.00

  • Rent: $734

  • Pet insurance: $30

Debt payments - $172.74

  • Credit payments made: $59.74 (I haven’t made any large payments yet, but I plan to!)

  • Personal loan: $113

Business expenses - About $80.00

I’m trying to make pretty flatlays for IG, so I went on a tiny adventure earlier this week to gather supplies.

  • Flatlay supplies: $80.09 (Plus a little bit of money from Home Depot that I Venmo’ed to Thomas, minus a little bit of money because I also bought some snacks while I was shopping… :) I can write these off at the end of the year but, admittedly, I have no idea where that Target receipt went…)

Personal development - $540

  • Tuition for UCSD Extension - Copyediting Certification: $495.00 (Whooooo!! I start on 1/14.)

  • Yes & Yes - Bank Boost: $45.00

Other “lifestyle” expenses: $272.67

  • Groceries & household expenses: $167 (This includes renewing our Costco membership for the year… and Thomas bought me a new flashlight.)

  • Coffee: $10.31 (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I turned my housesitting/cat sitting money to a Starbucks gift card and I cut down my coffee cost to $10 this week through this income!!)

  • Food: $95.36

What did I tell you?! Not bad, huh? :)

Did you make any money-related resolutions for this year?