Social Media & Digital Content

Community Management

Rate: $40/hour (A flat fee may be negotiated.)

Does your author or business Facebook group need an injection of fun and energy?! Increasing your client engagement efforts in your Facebook group can boost your conversion rates, raise customer satisfaction, and strengthen brand loyalty. Hiring a community manager means you can save hours of time you previously spent asking questions, replying to comments, and scheduling posts. This is my zone of genius—so you go back to running your business, writing, editing, or just living your life, and leave the schmoozing to me. ;) I mean, I think I’m pretty funny.

Social Media Creation & Management

Rate: Per post fee depends on desired content, OR a flat rate may be negotiated.

Overwhelmed or feeling with social media? Just don’t know what to post to target your ideal audience? Do the words “personal branding” make you die a little on the inside? What are hashtags, even? Social media is a powerful way to increase your digital presence so that you may reach and connect with the people who will buy your product and/or services.

Blog posts: Per post rate depends on desired count and scope of research needed.

Social Media Audit

Rate: $90 for a one-time 50-minute phone call with personalized written feedback


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