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Hey there! My name is Joanne and I’m a writer, editor, and career coach.

Whatever is stopping you—whether it’s imposter syndrome, self-doubt, or simply not knowing what to do next—I’m here to help you find the answer so you can get back into the world and keep kicking ass, whether that’s your next big career move or taking steps towards your best, most riveting manuscript.



I’m familiar with the diverse craft and tools of storytelling and the complex nuances of the English language within diverse contexts. I excel at polishing other’s writing and elevating their unique voices. I offer editing, sensitivity reading, and writing coaching as services.

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Career Coach

I offer career coaching as a holistic experience or as needed for different aspects of the job application and search process. The coaching experience is highly individualized. If you’re unsure of what you need, contact me today for a free 30-minute consultation.

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I am an aspiring novelist who dreams someday of diversifying representation of women and people of color in any and all forms of media. I thrive in the romance, YA, fantasy, and dystopian genre. I will be undertaking the National Novel Writing challenge this year! Until I’m published, sassy, and BFFs with J.K. Rowling, why not take a peek at my blog?

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What you can expect from me

Meaningful relationship building: I care about your story--and I care about you. It’s important for me to understand your goals .

Responsive communication: I'm reachable by text message, Facebook messenger, and e-mail, all of which I check frequently. I want our work together to be centered around open, continuous dialogue. Ask me anything, at anytime.

Agile adaptability and an iterative approach: One of my strengths is my adaptability: I can accommodate to your needs, whether that's hands-on, hands-off, and I always welcome feedback.

A sense of humor and a no-bullshit attitude: I love to laugh, so I hope you do too! A sense of humor makes everything so much more enjoyable. I balance a deep sense of empathy with unflinching honesty and authenticity every time, all the time.


“Passion has little to do with euphoria and everything to do with patience.”

Mark Z. Danielewski



“I have consulted Joanne on several projects over the years, both personal and professional. Most recently, Joanne helped me to great success with my CV and cover letter which landed me my current position at a Seattle nonprofit. Said organization was and is essentially my dream job, and I have no doubt that Joanne played a huge part in my attaining this goal.

Joanne is a consummate professional; she is precise and critical, but also thoughtful and supportive. In addition to her great skill as an editor and consultant, she’s also nothing short of a pleasure to work with.”

-Robert B.